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Charlotte October 23, 2017

Stay connected with Fair Trade post-graduation! Join the Fair Trade Campaigns Alumni LinkedIn Group!

Hey graduates! Fair Trade Campaigns is excited to announce the launch of the Fair Trade Campaigns Alumni LinkedIn Group! If you have not received an email invite, either follow the link above or you can manually go to LinkedIn and type into the search box, “Fair Trade Campaigns Alumni” and then ask to join.  This is a tool to connect you directly to fellow campaigners in your area, link up for events and co-campaigning, and maybe even find a career in Fair Trade! We encourage you to ask questions and get feedback from other alumni. 

Benefits of joining the Fair Trade Campaigns Alumni Group:

  • Connect with fellow Fair Trade alumni online and in your area
  • Develop your professional LinkedIn network
  • Learn about Fair Trade internship and career opportunities
  • Stay informed with national and regional campaign updates
  • Network with Fair Trade Campaigns fellows, staff and partner organizations
  • Be inspired by alumni who now work for Fair Trade organizations and companies
  • Share your own story – let the Fair Trade Campaigns network know what you’re up to now!


My name is Charlotte Whiteman, and I have been working with Fair Trade Campaigns as the Mid Atlantic College and Universities Fellow since fall 2016. In this role, I’ve had the opportunity to work with great people who have ambitions to make a positive difference in this world. Prior to this, I had the experience of working on Rollins’ campus campaign my senior year, and after graduation I found myself using LinkedIn a lot. This is a great tool to get information about different companies and apply for jobs.

After moving back to Philadelphia, where I entered into a position as the Fair Trade College and Universities Mid Atlantic Fellow, it made sense to me to create something that would be beneficial to graduated campaigners looking to stay involved. You can also look at the Post-Graduation Fair Trade Advocacy Guide to find out more. I can say from experience, jobs with Fair Trade are amazingly fulfilling. You know you’re on a good path when you’re doing something to support global development. Fair Trade values social responsibility, which has made this a more meaningful job.

What you can expect from the Fair Trade Campaigns Alumni Group:

Once every couple weeks, our group manager, Anastasia Zuniga from University of San Diego, will [post engaging content. Examples of what you can expect include: features of Fair Trade Campaign alumni who have done notable Fair Trade work after graduation, such as starting a town campaign, starting in a Fair Trade career, setting up an event, or even starting a Fair Trade company of their own. Our first feature will be about Benjamin Conard who started Five North Chocolate company after college. Other content that will be shared via the Alumni Group will include Fair Trade news and articles, internship and job opportunities, and discussions about members’ involvement with Fair Trade advocacy post-graduation. 

Your role as a Fair Trade Campaigns Alum:

My vision for the page is to have advocates connect on a professional platform so they can deepen their impact and stay inspired. Visibility is key for this campaign. And again, this is a transition tool for you, so get the most out of it! Connect directly to fellow campaigners in your area, link up for events and co-campaigning, and search for careers in Fair Trade. What ever you end up using the page for, we encourage you to ask questions and gather feedback from fellow alumni. What Fair Trade positions have you applied for? What advice do you have for your fellow Fair Traders when applying for jobs? What are you doing to stay involved with Fair Trade post-graduation? What organizations/companies in your community support Fair Trade? 


We look forward to seeing you over at the Fair Trade Campaigns’ Alumni Group!

Questions? Contact National Organizer for Fair Trade Colleges & Universities, Kylie Nealis (


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Charlotte, Fair Trade Colleges & Universities Fellow, Mid Atlantic