Fair Trade Finals – Fall 2018

FT Campaigns Intern October 10, 2018

Fall 2018 Program Highlights

We worked with 86 campaigns on college and high school campuses in 29 states across the country who have strong relationships with campus administration and food service and are influential voices in their communities.  

Of the 86 total campuses, we had 73 colleges and universities and 13 high schools participating in the Fall 2018 program.  

Campus events reached almost 10,000 people – including students, faculty, dining staff and campus administration – with Fair Trade educational materials, product samples and other activities. 

Here’s your chance to get some great, free materials for that final
Fair Trade event of the semester.

Donations from a few generous Fair Trade partners make it possible for us to support campaigns hosting a Fair Trade study break or other event during Finals Week.

Participate with four easy steps:

1. Sign up. Fill out the Registration Form to sign up for the program. Deadline: November 12.
2. Register your event. Add your event to your campaign page so we can see what you’re planning.
3. Host your event! Don’t forget to take photos and share on social with #FTCampaigns and tag @FTCampaigns.
4. Report back. After your event, fill out the event report form to tell us about your event.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your event kit:

Want more fact sheets? Find our full list of 101 guides here.

Not sure how to Fair Trade Your Finals? Here are a few ideas to help get the ball rolling.

1. Table with Fair Trade products

Give your classmates that extra boost as they head into or out of the library! Set up a table to sample Fair Trade products from your event kit and educate your classmates with fact sheets, stickers and other materials.

You can also create your own materials to highlight what you have accomplished this semester and are looking to achieve in the next. Use this as an opportunity to get the word out about your campaign and recruit new members.

See how Villanova University fueled up for finals in this one-pager, including how to prepare, advertise and execute an event.

2. Work with Dining

Team up with dining services to help reach a larger audience. Does your dining hall already organize study breaks, midnight breakfasts or other special events during finals week? Find out how you can add Fair Trade to those existing events, through signage, tabling or other activities.

If campus dining doesn’t have any events planned, offer to organize something together or ask if they can support your tabling event by providing extra Fair Trade coffee and tea.

Not sure how to get started? Check out this helpful resource: A Guide to Working with Dining Services on Your Campus.

3. Partner with an Existing Event

In the lead up to finals week, numerous groups on campus will be hosting events to prepare students and staff. Gauge the landscape and offer to ‘Fair Trade’ another group’s event!

Reach out to other clubs and departments to see if you can set up, sample and promote Fair Trade and availability on campus to a new audience. Don’t forget to follow up afterwards and continue building the partnership!

4. Hold a Raffle

Use items from your event kit as prizes for a raffle. Holding a raffle at your event can help draw more attendees, and gives you an opportunity to collect emails or grow your group’s social media following.

Never organized a raffle before? Check out this handy resource on how to run a successful raffle.  

Remember: Sign-up by Monday, November 12 on our Registration Form.
Space is limited, sign up early!

Event kits will be mailed on Monday, November 19.
If you’re hosting your event sooner, please let us know so we can get your event kit to you in time.

Questions? Drop us a line at admin@fairtradecampaigns.org.

Thank you to our program sponsors!

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