Farewells and Welcomes: Fair Trade Campaigns Fellows

Fair Trade Campaigns October 31, 2018

As the Fair Trade movement continues to grow across the U.S., we are more grateful than ever for the strength of our regional networks. In the Mid Atlantic, Northeast, Southwest and Great Lakes, these networks bring together town, college and university, school and congregation campaigns to learn from and collaborate with one another. None of this would be possible without the work of our regional teams, led by our amazing Fair Trade Campaigns Fellows!

Our 2017-18 Fellows finished their term in mid-October, passing the baton to their successors. It’s a bittersweet transition – we’re lucky to have amazing individuals on board for the year ahead, and while we’ll miss those who are leaving we can’t wait to see the great things they’ll go on to do. Join us in wishing our outgoing team the best in their next adventure, and welcoming the newest leaders of our Fair Trade regional networks!

Thank you and Farewell

Aleah Erenberger, 2017-18 Great Lakes Regional Fellow

The Fellowship program provided me with so many opportunities for growth and development. I was able to meet incredible new people all over the country and travel to network and learn with these great individuals. Being a Fellow helped me elevate my advocacy skills and improve my public speaking and electronic communication skills. There were so many great things I learned that I will carry into my future education and career. I made friends for life with others that share my passion for social justice, the environment and Fair Trade! 

Sarah King, 2017-18 Great Lakes Regional Fellow

At the National Conference in DC, I had so many realizations about the Fair Trade world that will inspire me throughout my life. As all of the Fellows, leaders and Fair Trade Campaigns staff came together to form this event it truly bonded us all together as a Fair Trade collective – a people that will speak out even when the echo is minuscule. I realized how much our efforts wrap around the world, leaving each of us with a piece of the other. Since my start in the movement, many moons ago, this has been my most cherished aspect. I will not miss the lovely men and women I came to know because those relationships will outlast this Fellowship and for that I am truly grateful. I’ve been so humbled and honored to work on this team and look forward to the movement ahead! 

Jacquie Martin, 2017-18 Mid Atlantic Regional Fellow

I have gained so much from my time as a Mid Atlantic Fellow for Fair Trade Campaigns. I enjoyed getting to know local campaigners and support the work that they are doing to further the Fair Trade movement in their communities. Attending the Fair Trade Campaigns National Conference this past year reinvigorated my passion for Fair Trade and helped me to remember how big and strong we are as a movement when we work together. Travis and I had the privilege of working with campaigners who are engaging in cross campaign collaboration of all types. It was great to see existing campaigns supporting the creation of new campaigns. I am grateful for the support I received this year from the other Fellows, the Mid Atlantic Leadership Team and the national team!  

Breanne Kroehler, 2017-18 Mid Atlantic Regional Fellow

Being a part of this year’s Fellowship was a year I will never forget. The biggest takeaways I have from the Fellowship are the friends and networking relationships I was able to create and forge with the Fair Trade community. Being a part of the National Fair Trade Conference was the biggest highlight of my time in the Fellowship. I was able to hear from people who work first hand in communities that are using Fair Trade principles every day to help others and our world. I was able to meet and work with some of the most profound speakers at the conference and get their insight as to how colleges and universities can make a difference. I was able to work on a project with an amazing partner to figure out the makeup of why campaigns sometimes go silent after declaration and figure out ways to move Fair Trade Campaigns forward. I have made connections and friendships that I will not forget and I look forward to continuing my work with Fair Trade even more so than before.

Travis Brodbeck, 2017-18 Northeast Regional Fellow

Working as a Fellow with Fair Trade Campaigns provided me with ample opportunities to propel campaigns to success while developing my own skills. My most memorable experience was working at the 2018 Fair Trade Campaigns National Conference in Washington D.C. I put my networking, presenting and note taking skills to use while being inspired by like-minded advocates that surrounded me. Everyone had a story to tell, a lesson to share and a difference to make. I am so grateful for the professional development opportunities that increased my skills in digital communication, public speaking and project management.   

Morgan Parr, 2017-18 Northeast Regional Fellow

I couldn’t be more thankful for the network of amazing change-makers this Fellowship allowed me to meet! Providing campaign support to such passionate, intelligent and dynamic individuals has inspired me every day to stay excited and driven about my own pursuits in life. The skills and relationships that I have gained through this Fellowship have left me prepared for my next steps into the world, and I’m so thrilled to be incorporating Fair Trade into that journey!

Chase Manar-Spears, 2017-18 Southwest Regional Fellow

My fellowship with Fair Trade Campaigns was a priceless opportunity. I gained credible skills in grassroots organizing, confidence in my own ability to make lasting change, and a ton of experience in the working world. I widened my understanding of the power of a dedicated group of people, which I now know to be unlimited. I will carry my passion for conscious consumerism and social entrepreneurship with me for the rest of my days.  

Celina Lima, 2017-18 Southwest Regional Fellow

This Fellowship has been such a wonderful experience this past year! From getting to know new campaigns to travelling to the DC conference to working with sustainable companies that practice Fair Trade principles, I have thoroughly benefited and grown from this Fellowship in meaningful ways that will impact me for the rest of my life. I loved working in the regional Southwest and helping campaigns like Cal Poly reach designation. It was also fun connecting campaigns together, like the Pasadena town campaign with Pasadena High School. Seeing the future generations get involved in activism and equality for others as a result of my efforts was such a rewarding experience and one I hope future Fellows get to experience as well! 

Check out these great resources from our 2017-18 Fellows

Each year, Fair Trade Campaigns Fellows take on projects to grow the network and further our strategic priorities. This year, Fellows worked in pairs to develop new resources and recommendations to drive our national strategy in the months and years ahead.

Aleah Erenberger & Sarah King
Guide to Finding and Starting Fair Trade College & University Campaigns

Breanne Kroehler & Morgan Parr
Campaign DNA: Identifying Gaps in Ongoing Engagement

Celina Lima & Chase Manar-Spears
Fair Trade Campaigns Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Jacquie Martin & Travis Brodbeck
Connect, Collaborate and Campaign: Collaboration Case Studies

Meet the 2018-19 Regional Fellows

We are excited to welcome this new team of Fellows to support our regional and national work over the coming year. We know that our 2018-19 Fellows will be a great resource for campaigns in our established regions – please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Sloan Smith, 2018-19 Great Lakes Regional Fellow

Sloan Smith is a senior at Loyola University of Chicago (LUC) where she plans on graduating with a BA in political science along with a minor in criminal justice. Toward the end of her sophomore year of college she came across Oxfam, a global nonprofit whose mission is to end world poverty. Oxfam was the first organization to really introduce what Fair Trade was, and soon after her training she realized she wanted to do more. After being a CHANGE leader for Oxfam and starting her own chapter at school during her junior year, she felt that the next step for her would be to dive deeper into Fair Trade by learning more and educating her community around her. She is looking forward to providing a platform for Fair Trade at her university and becoming a more well informed and socially responsible person. sloan@fairtradecampaigns.org

Justin Seis, 2018-19 Great Lakes Regional Fellow

Justin Seis is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point (UWSP), where he majored in Sociology and Philosophy- Environmental Ethics. He has been working on Fair Trade advocacy for the last three years through the Office of Sustainability at UWSP where he worked with other student leaders to help UWSP achieve designation as the 40th Fair Trade University. Through his work in the Office of Sustainability he cultivated a passion for the intersection of sustainability and social justice working with Student Government and many of the departments that help keep the campus running. Justin sees Fair Trade as a great way to connect social justice and sustainability and hopes to grow the Fair Trade movement throughout Wisconsin and beyond. justin@fairtradecampaigns.org

Taryn Lemmon, 2018-19 Mid Atlantic Regional Fellow

Taryn is a recent graduate from the University of Mary Washington with a degree in Business Administration. Having worked as the Sustainability Coordinator her senior year, she put her passion for social justice into action by teaching Mary Washington and the surrounding community about the importance of environmental, cultural, social, and financial sustainability. She became specifically involved in the Fair Trade movement after a trip to Guatemala where she lived with an indigenous family and learned the ins and outs of international development. As a Fair Trade Fellow, Taryn looks forward to applying her knowledge of sustainability and social justice issues to generate a positive impact in the Mid Atlantic region! taryn@fairtradecampaigns.org

Zoe Sheppard, 2018-19 Mid Atlantic Regional Fellow

Zoe Sheppard, originally from Maryland, is in her third year at St. John’s University in Queens, New York, where she is majoring in Environmental Studies as well as double-minoring in International Studies and Social Justice. Her passion for Fair Trade started in high school when she was responsible for developing, implementing and teaching a curriculum surrounding human rights. Zoe’s interest in Fair Trade took off from there and her involvement has grown ever since. She has been an active member of the St. John’s Fair Trade committee since her sophomore year of college and continues to integrate Fair Trade studies into her academic research. Zoe is also a recent alum of the Sondheim Nonprofit Leadership Program, a fellowship in which she gained hands-on experience in the non-profit sector working for Soccer Without Borders, a non-profit in Baltimore, Maryland, that provides refugee and immigrant youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth and inclusion. Throughout the duration of this program, she was able to develop a deeper understanding of non-profit frameworks and outreach. Zoe is excited to apply this knowledge to her work with Fair Trade Campaigns. zoe@fairtradecampaigns.org

Justain Connor, 2018-19 Northeast Regional Fellow

Justain Connor is currently a senior at Binghamton University. While serving as an intern for a campus organization focused on food sustainability, he helped organize the Binghamton Fair Trade campaign. Between his work on the Binghamton campaign and his studies as an environmental studies and biology major, Justain has developed a desire to promote better consumerism. He believes that widespread adoption of Fair Trade practices are vital to creating a more sustainable world both socially and environmentally. justain@fairtradecampaigns.org

Lily Mason, 2018-19 Northeast Regional Fellow

Lily Mason is a passionate advocate for social and environmental reform. She organizes with the Vermont Ibutwa Initiative, Rights & Democracy VT and Sierra Club to amplify efforts that shift away from exploitative practices towards regenerative methods of producing and consuming. Her experiences coordinating educational events about sustainable purchasing throughout her time at Champlain College has encouraged her to continue conversations with community members who are curious or already integrating more mindful spending habits. Lily has been inspired by the amazing impacts that dedicated individuals have had in Burlington, VT and supports anyone who is willing to strengthen the Fair Trade network. She is so excited to unify and grow campaigns throughout the Northeast! lily@fairtradecampaigns.org

Dana Peters, 2018-19 Southwest Regional Fellow

Dana graduated from Northern Arizona University in December 2017 with a BS in Environmental Studies. During her undergraduate career, she studied climate change on a Fulbright UKSI grant in England, worked as the Communications Coordinator for the university’s Office of Sustainability, and served as Public Relations Director for her chapter of Omega Phi Alpha National Service Sorority. Since graduating, she has been looking for new ways to get involved in sustainability initiatives and is excited to help educate people on Fair Trade over the next year as a regional fellow. In her rare free time, she likes to bake, read, and tell anyone that will listen about her pet rabbit, Cal. dana@fairtradecampaigns.org

Jasmine French, 2018-19 Southwest Regional Fellow

Jasmine graduated from Vanguard University in May 2018 with a BA in Business Administration and minors in Religion, Sociology, and Women’s Studies. She currently serves on the board of Fair Trade Los Angeles. Before coming to Fair Trade Campaigns, Jasmine was the president of Live2Free, an anti-human trafficking mobilization team, working toward educating community members on the issue of human trafficking, ethical consumerism, and Fair Trade. Jasmine comes to Fair Trade Campaigns with a background in research, community engagement and a passion for the Fair Trade movement. She loves to research, watch documentaries and educate her friends and family about the importance of Fair Trade. From this she recently launched a Fair Trade blog, The Little French Press, that highlights food and beverage products that are ethically sourced. Jasmine is excited to join the Southwest Regional team as a Fellow this year and put all that she has learned into action. jasmine@fairtradecampaigns.org

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