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Holly Francis February 3, 2021

In the fall of 2020, the Fair Trade Campaigns staff came together to ask the question, “How can we keep campaigners  engaged even amidst a world full of unanswered questions and fear?” We had to forgo Fair Trade Finals since so many campuses were remote or closing early, so coming up with a new solution was imperative to the success of campaigners across the country. Knowing that some campaigns may want ideas or format to run off of, we decided to start Fair Fall – a semester-long program with varying monthly themes from September to December.

We sent out monthly newsletters outlining the theme and ideas for how campaigns could advocate for that topic. We also used Slack, an instant messaging app, to allow folks to discuss the theme, ask questions, and share resources. Here is a briefing of each month and its respective theme:

September: Self-Care Month

In September, we wanted to remind campaigners that in order to advocate for others, we need to take care of ourselves first. This month highlighted the fact that caring for oneself will help the community as a whole, especially amidst the global pandemic that feels everlasting. Please remember that if you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, it is always appropriate and encouraged to ask for help. Fair Trade Campaigns will always be here to support you! Find the Fair Trade & Self Care resources, including a Social Justice   Centered Yoga Class below:


October: Racial Justice

In October, we focused on racial justice and how it factors into our work with Fair Trade. The US still experiences systemic racism and Fair Trade Campaigns supports movements like Black Lives Matter while working toward becoming more actively anti racist. In general, Fair Trade as a certification helps workers in countries all over the world and ensures that everyone along the chain is paid a equitable wage and has good work and home environments. We are more explicitly incorporating racial justice throughout our campaigning with new initiatives and the launch of a Racial Justice Resource Hub that you can read about here.


November: Fair Trade & Food Justice

Fair Trade is deeply connected with our food systems, with the most popular Fair Trade items being coffee and chocolate. That’s why in November, we connected these two already integrated topics. There are many folks who take part in the labor of our food systems and so many more who are burdened by not having access to healthy foods. Fair Trade as a movement strives for a global system without poverty, a world of total food sovereignty, and universal workers’ rights. These movements are far from mutually exclusive! Check out the resources and organizations below to see how you can advocate for food justice.

December: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Bringing 2020 to a close, we utilized December to obtain feedback on the Fair Fall experience, insight into how campaigns felt about the year as a whole, and what folks were hoping 2021 would bring. 2020 proved to be one of the most lifestyle-changing years in the modern era, so we at Fair Trade Campaigns are doing all that we can to change and adapt with global circumstances. Campaigners from towns and congregations were also asked to participate in an End Of Year survey which helps us in planning this upcoming year. Along with collecting feedback, Fair Trade Campaigns’ Nation Fellow, Alexia Dolamakian, sat down to chat with author of “The Rocket Years: How Your Twenties Launch the Rest of Your Life,”  Liz Segran. In this interview, Liz challenges us to think critically about the life we want to build and gives tips on how to do just that even during a global pandemic. Watch the whole interview here.


Your feedback has allowed us to work on a new program for the spring in which we will continue a theme each month while including more interactive content. Our goal is to help you continue your momentum through resources, ideas, events, and social media content. You can find a brief overview of the upcoming themes on our blog post “Fair Spring Programming.”

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please send us an email at




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