Be My Virtual Valentine: Valentine’s Day 2023

Taryn Lemmon February 2, 2023

On Valentine’s Day, many of us take time to show extra love to the special people in our lives. This year, we invite you to share the love with the farmers behind your Fair Trade Certified flowers by signing our virtual valentine card.

Why Fair Trade Flowers?

It is estimated that roughly 250 billion roses are produced for Valentine’s Day every year. All year long, and especially during this spike of demand, conventional flower growers are subjected to long work hours without breaks or fair pay. Flower workers also risk exposure to dozens of different chemicals, mostly from fungicides and pesticides. With Fair Trade Certified flowers, standards ensure that farmers work reasonable hours with voluntary overtime and paid breaks, additional funds are directed back to farmers to invest in their communities, and the use of chemicals is regulated during the production process to protect both workers and the environment.

To learn more about Fair Trade Certified vs. conventional flowers, check out our Fair Trade Flowers 101 Guide.

How Can You Take Action?

1) Send a Message of Appreciation to Farmers:

Valentine's Day 1

Send a note of appreciation directly to fair trade flower farmers and workers by signing our virtual valentine now through February 19th! We’ll share the virtual card with members of Florecal, a Fair Trade Certified flower farm and processing center in the Ecuadorian Andes. Get an inside look at Florecal in our Instagram reel and learn more below. Help spread the love by sharing the virtual valentine with your family and friends:

We’re accepting messages in English and Spanish.
This is a great activity for a Spanish class at your school!

2) Buy Fair Trade:

Give fair trade flowers, chocolate, and other gifts to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Check out the Fair Trade Certified website to shop fair trade. Find a roundup of options for Fair Trade chocolate in Fair Trade USA’s Chocolate Shopping Guide and ideas for greeting cards below!

Greeting Cards


Use these resources to educate your campus, school, community, friends and family about the benefits of choosing Fair Trade this Valentine’s Day:

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