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June 3, 2021


June 3, 2021

Abby Haley

June 2, 2021


June 2, 2021

15th Fair Trade Minneapolis Steering Committee Meeting (#8 in 2021), virtual via Zoom, Monday, May 24, 2021, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm

June 1, 2021

Issues: (1) We still need to receive non-lossy vector sharp logos from Fair Trade certifiers/verifiers for our Fair Trade Awards. As of 5-24-21, still needed non-lossy logos from Fairtrade and “fair for life” (2) We still need to open an account at a financial institution in Minneapolis. Which should we choose: Sunrise Banks is a […]

LIU Post

May 25, 2021

At LIU Post we are looking to build a new campus Fair Trade Coalition for Fall 2021!

Scott Carlin

May 25, 2021

A Farmer-Led Future for Tea – by Equal Exchange – May 17, 2021

May 21, 2021

This article introduces the dire living situation for most tea farmers and their families. Here are some details, read the article to learn more: “Did you know that tea is the second most popular drink in the world—second only to water? Here’s another question: do you know that, even today, it is likely that the […]

Social Media Guide

May 19, 2021

HumanKind Fair Trade Discussion

May 17, 2021

Meet board members from SLO’s only Fair Trade non-profit retail shop in SLO! We’ll learn about the inspiration for the shop, how they choose their products, and why HumanKind Fair Trade is so successful.