Fairtrade America: Minneapolis mural featuring Johnny, a banana farmer

Karen Lunde March 7, 2022

Fairtrade America is thrilled to share the story of Johnny Gabriel Navas Aquim, a banana farmer from Ecuador, through the artwork of Reggie LeFlore in collaboration with the Twin Cities Co-op Partners’ (TCCP) Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis!

This mural is located at the Wedge Co-op, 2105 Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55405.

There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to farming, and Johnny Gabriel Navas Aquim is breaking many of them!

In many Fairtrade commodities, farming is seen as a dead-end. One filled with back-breaking labor where you can work your whole life and struggle to make a profit. Because unfair trading practices are the norm – this is often true.

But Johnny refuses to let that be his reality. He is a 26-year-old, third-generation, small-scale banana farmer in Ecuador and a member of the Fairtrade-certified AsoGuabo Cooperative.

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