Fundraising with Equal Exchange!

manager.clevelandheights January 28, 2015

We’re excited about your interest in fundraising with Equal Exchange. Each year, hundreds of communities raise money for their groups while supporting small-scale farmers and artisans around the world. Why not join them? By doing so, you’ll provide your community of friends, family, and co-workers with things they actually want–tasty coffee and chocolate, and unique handmade gifts–while feeling good about where each product comes from.

Profits for your community

Your group will earn 38-48% profits through face-to-face catalog sales, regardless of how many items you sell. Friends and neighbors will love helping to make a difference at home, and around the globe — meaning great earning potential for your group!

But what about Aunt Sue on the other side of the country? Easy. You can reach friends and family in any location with our online ordering that earns your group 25% profits. Earn the most by choosing both selling methods!

With catalog fundraising, simply collect and compile orders after 2-3 weeks of selling; use our handy electronic master order form that does all the calculations for you. We’ll ship one bulk order to you, with guaranteed delivery within 10 business days. Shipping is free over $135*. And there’s no risk — you buy only what you sell.

With online fundraising, we’ll ship directly to the homes of your customers. Promote your online store link via e-mail and social media, and each month we’ll send you a check with your group’s profits. Yep, it’s that easy.

*Fees apply when shipping to AK & HI. Fees may apply when shipping chocolate during periods when temperatures exceed 70°.

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