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Fair Trade Tour with Indian Artisan Coordinator, Lata Kachhawaha

May 11, 2012

Lata Kachhawaha joins Handmade Expressions and Fair Trade Towns for a fair trade tour along the west coast. There are millions of artisans around the world who live in poverty. Lata Kachhawa is a passionate social activist who has devoted her life to improving the conditions of such impoverished artisans, particularly women. Lata ji founded […]

Day 1 at CONACADO: Creating Conscious Farmers of Reality

April 10, 2012

In March, Fair Trade Towns USA sent 12 volunteer organizers on a 7 day learning tour of Fair Trade farms in Dominican Republic. The travelers came from town and city campaigns all over the country to see the effects of their hard work, visiting cocoa, coffee and banana farms, as well as a sweat-free apparel […]