UNIVERSITY TIP #4: Committing to Fair Trade Education

FT Campaigns Intern October 1, 2014

Reaching Goal #4: Commit to Fair Trade Education


Goal #4 is all about Fair Trade education on your campus. To reach this goal you will need to complete the following:

  • Sponsor Fair Trade educational events and activities on campus and work with faculty to bring Fair Trade into the classroom.


The Obstacles

The Solutions

Knowing which ways to educate your campus
  • Partner with pre-existing events or table in high traffic areas
  • Work with faculty to incorporate Fair Trade into curricula
  • Get in touch with your campus newspaper/blog to write a feature educational piece on Fair Trade
Getting people to attend your events
  • Incentivize! Provide free food like chocolate, coffee, tea, bananas, etc. (Fair Trade of course) *Have these items donated by local grocers, coffee shops, or Whole Foods, for example
  • Find faculty to offer extra credit for attendance
  • Offer service hours for sorority and fraternity members
Getting your message across



Guidelines to prosper educational partnerships:

  1. At your next meeting have everyone make a list of campus organizations they are associated with. For example: sororities, clubs, associated student body, campus ministry, sports teams, departments, etc.
  2. Have members reach out to these organizations with the intention of aligning their goals/mission with Fair Trade and provide ways to “Fair Trade” their events and activities. Discuss long-term partnerships and invite them to your meetings.
    • Here are some examples of ways to partner with others: help a club get Fair Trade T-Shirts, present for 5 minutes on Fair Trade at next meeting, co-host an event, suggest Fair Trade fundraisers, offer to help do research for new curricula, etc.


Answer the Question:  How have YOU successfully educated your campus?



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