A November in Fair Trade Campaigns

FT Campaigns Intern December 11, 2014


 November has been a busy month! Let’s see what’s been happening on the campaign trail…

Campaign Badges and Declarations

4 Declarations!
1. San Ramon, CA – Fair Trade Town
2. Chelsea, MI – Fair Trade Town
3. Hartwick College, NY – Fair Trade University
4.  Seattle University, WA – Fair Trade University
11 Badges Earned!
1. Fair Trade Chelsea, Chelsea, MI Build Your Team and
Engage Your Local Government
2. Altadena, CA – Engage Your Town
3. State College, PA – Reach out to Retailers
4. Fair Trade Seattle University (WA) – Pass Fair Trade Resolution
5. Making Virginia Tech Fair (VA) – Build Your Team
6. St. Olaf College (MN) – Commit to Fair Trade Education and
Source Fair Trade at Events & Meetings
7. Marquette University (WI) – Build Your Team
8. Oregon State University (OR) – Build Your Team
9. University of Wisconsin Green Bay (WI) – Build Your Team
10. University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (WI) – Build Your Team
11. Fair Trade Sunday (CA) – Commit to Purchase Fair Trade Products
When They Are Available and Incorporate Fair Trade Education into
Your Social Teachings and Include Fair Trade in Events

Campaigns in the News

Hartwick Becomes Fair Trade University

“It’s about choosing products that support environmental sustainability, worker’s rights, and human rights,”

– [click here for full article]



Fair Trade Market Sells More than a Handbag

“When the bell rang Sunday at the Fair Trade Market at the United Methodist Church, it wasn’t to announce a special, limited time holiday price reduction. ‘A llama has been bought.’”

– [click here for full article]


There’s No Place Like Home: Roots in the Fair Trade Movement

“We are the Kansas City area’s only 100 percent fair-trade shop…Not only do we pay a fair wage to our artisans, but we have long-term relationships with them.”

– [click here for full article]


Tis’ the Season for Fair Trade and We’ve Got Your Holiday Supplies!

So. Much. Chocolate.


A number of generous donations have allowed us to support campaigns hosting a Fair Trade Holiday Event. We’ve got coffee from ecoGrounds, chocolate from Green & Black’s and tea from Numi Organic Tea. Let us know your plans for promoting Fair Trade this holiday season and we’ll send some goodies your way.

Read more about how to get involved


Shop Fair Trade for Family and Friends!

Fair Trade Campaigns has put together a Gift Guide to help you get in the Fair Trade spirit when you start your holiday shopping this year. Check out some products that are certified Fair Trade from some major brands that support fair labor and working wages. You can also find extensive guides through Fair Trade USAFair Trade Federation and Fairtrade America.

Find the perfect Fair Trade gift!


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