Event Kits: Fair Trade Your Holidays!

Courtney Lang November 11, 2014

Share Your Plans and Get Rewarded5

Here’s your chance to get hooked up with some great, free materials and samples for that final Fair Trade Event of the year!

A number of generous donations have allowed us to support campaigns hosting a Fair Trade Holiday Event. Provide a short explanation of your plans in the comment section below and receive the following event package to help bolster your event:


  • Fair Trade Coffee from EcoGrounds and…
  • Fair Trade Chocolate from Green & Blacks and…
  • Fair Trade Tea from Numi Tea and…
  • Informational 1-Pagers on Coffee and Chocolate from Fair Trade Campaigns.


Thank you Numi, Green & Blacks, and EcoGrounds for the Donations!

For a few ideas to help get the ball rolling, read on below


Idea 1: Sample Fair Trade at a Place of Worship

Often times places of worship host community events around the holidays.  Set up a table and sample coffee, tea and chocolates or reach out and offer to give community members a boost of energy and a conversation piece after a service.

Idea 2: Sample Fair Trade Chocolate at a School Event 

Do you know any local teachers or do you have children enrolled in a local school?  Set up a presentation during a class or assembly. Or incorporate Fair Trade into a holiday party and talk about the many issues associated with cocoa production.  Click here for a cocoa presentation and facts.

Idea 3: Sample Fair Trade at a Holiday Work Party

Give your colleagues the extra boost they need at this years holiday party! Set up a table with Fair Trade Coffee (like ecoGrounds),

Tea (like Runaand/or chocolate (Green & Blacks), as well as some materials highlighting what you have accomplished this year and are looking to achieve in the next. Use this as an opportunity to get the word out about your campaign and get new committee members!

WorryiComm Org Badgeng about an end of year lag in event attendees? If you have questions about drawing in a crowd, contact National Organizer Courtney Lang at clang@fairtradeusa,org for some ideas!

Remember: post your plans in the comment section below!


  1. Hey Folks!

    Just a reminder that you have to log in before you comment.

    If you can’t remember your password, please just hit the “reset password” button.

    If it still doesn’t let you comment, please email me at clang@fairtradeusa.org


    Courtney Lang from School - 10 years ago
  2. Fair Trade Altadena has made great strides this year, from initially forming our group to getting all the steps required finished. All we have left is to present to our Town Council to get a recommendation to the County Supervisors’ office, and we’re official. We are planning a Holiday Fair Trade Boutique at a local retailer’s store in early December to raise awareness.

    Rebecca Pratt from Altadena, California - 10 years ago
  3. Fair Trade Houston will be hosting a booth at the annual Human Rights Walk in the Woodlands, TX in December where we will be interacting with hundreds of people committed to making a difference. We will also have a presence at the Farmer’s Market on the second Saturday of December. We hope to reach as many people with the message of Fair Trade for the holidays as possible!

    Kendra Penry from Houston, Texas - 10 years ago
  4. St John’s Episcopal Church in Mankato, MN will host our annual Fair Trade Holiday Sale featuring Ten Thousand Villages and Bead for Life artisan products, jewelry, coffee, tea, chocolate and more on December 7. We are excited this year to have the sale on the same day as our Advent Tea with Lessons and Carols. Check out the details on our Congregations page!

    Margo Druschel from Saint John’s Episcopal Church - 10 years ago
  5. Loyola Marymount University will plan on hosting a “study break event” on December 9th, the first day of finals. We will use the event kit to fuel students as they prepare for finals. Additionally, we will create and distribute information about LMU Fair Trade and a Fair Trade holiday gift giving guide!

    asackers from Loyola Marymount University - 10 years ago
  6. Dayton Ohio is super excited about fair trade. O)n the cusp of confirming two schools in our area that are pumped to start their fair trade adventure, we are hosting a giveaway of fair trade goodies and launch a fair trade gift guide to local business with a local e-newspaper. Good stuff. Good STUFF!!

    London Coe from Dayton , Ohio - 10 years ago
  7. The Oakland Diocese Fair Trade Ministry is teaming-up with the Cathedral Store at the Cathedral of Christ the Light Plaza in downtown Oakland to help build awareness and foster the idea of purchasing Fair Trade goods for gifts this holiday season. On the 12th to 14th of December, we will have a Fair Trade representative in the store to answer any questions people might have about Fair Trade products and Fair Trade practices.

    Shandonay from St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church - 10 years ago
  8. On Nov. 30th and Dec. 14th., after worship, we will have Fair Trade Caroling during fellowship (compliments of 2010 Caroling book)
    December 6th. is the Annual Cookie Walk-at this time 2nd.1st. sells cookies, casseroles, crafts and Fair Trade Goodies-we also have FT Coffee for sampling.
    During the Advent Season, we will also have a Fair Trade Display of Nativities, that will also be for sale. I’ll send a pictures

    Linda Roy from 2nd Congregational/ 1st Presbyterian Church - 10 years ago
  9. On November 23 Our Lady of the Assumption of Claremont, CA will host an Alternative Gift Fair. As a follow up, we will have sales of Fair Trade coffee and chocolate on three Sundays, November 16, December 7 and 21. We’ll hand out a guide letting people know where to find other Fair Trade holiday gifts at local merchants in the Claremont area. Our educational piece will feature a poster of Pope Francis giving a thumbs up to justice for all.

    Joseph Michon from Fair Trade OLA - 10 years ago
  10. Fair Trade Raleigh is reaching out to local parishes during the Advent Season in hopes of reconciling the recent comments of Pope Francis about consumerism and economic inequality. Plus it is fun to turn people on to Fair Trade!

    Susan O'Neill from Raleigh, North Carolina - 10 years ago
  11. Fair Trade Philadelphia (FTPHL) will host “Fair & Sustainable Gift Fair” on Dec. 9 at Friends Center. This year, in addition to local merchants who will sell Fair Trade alternative gift products from around the world and Fair trade bananas, coffee and chocolate., Sustainable Business Network members will be participating as vendors. With donations from vendors, people will enjoy free cocoa/coffee and a raffle . This is a joint event with the Holiday Greens Sale that benefits John Woolman Memorial.
    Yoko Barnes from Fair Trade Philadelphia

    Yoko Barnes from Fair Trade Philadelphia - 10 years ago
  12. Partners Fair Trade Boutique at the Unity Center in San Diego, will host Fair Trade Sunday. Our goal is to get holiday shoppers to keep fair trade in mind. Our store which will be open the entire day on Fair Trade Sunday November 30, 2014. We have also created a website with more information about some of our projects and other fair trade stores in the area. http://www.fairtradesunday.com.

    Pamela Davis from The Unity Center - 10 years ago
  13. Fair Trade Atlanta will sample fair trade products at a local YMCA

    Tirzah Brown from Atlanta, Georgia - 10 years ago
  14. Fair Trade Bethlehem NY will be handing out FT samples to locals attending the annual Holiday Parade, with reminders to Think Fair for the Holidays.

    Anna McMahon from Bethlehem, New York - 10 years ago
  15. Hampshire College will host a fair trade sampling/study break during finals in our library which is jam packed with caffeine hungry students this time of year. The event will be conducted in conjunction with the Hampshire College Real Food Challenge Campaign which is lobbying our dining commons to source fairly traded products. We will use the goodies to start a dialog with students about fair trade and food sourcing in general. We will include information about the Fair Trade campaign and its importance.

    jake burke from Hampshire College - 10 years ago
  16. Fair Trade LA has several boutiques left before Christmas, where we will offer these products for the tasting and encourage people to purchase them. These include Downtown Art Walk in L.A., where thousands of young people will be exposed to Fair Trade and the variety of products available.

    joanharper818 from Los Angeles, California - 9 years ago
  17. Media will be partnering with local group Transition Town Media for their Green Sunday event, a holiday local and fair gift fair. We’ll have a table with fair trade info and yummy fair trade goodies. We will also be partnering with the local Ten Thousand Villages for a shopping night promoting fair trade.

    ezach4381 from Media, Pennsylvania - 9 years ago
  18. Media Elementary School Fair Trade committee will set up a Fair Trade booth with Fair Trade information and items for sell during our school’s Craft Night, Friday, December 4th. At Craft Night, students spend two hours creating decorations and crafts for the Holiday Season. The snack served that night will be pretzels dipped in melted Fair Trade chocolate!
    Our address is:
    MES Fair Trade
    c/o Mariana Sears
    105 East 4th St.
    Media, PA 19063
    Thanks!!! And Fair Holidays!!!

  19. Fair Trade Penn State will be holding a bake sale and informational table in downtown State College on the night of Friday, December 12th. We will be selling delicious baked goods made with Fair Trade ingredients, hot chocolate, coffee, and sampling chocolates. We will be handing out flyers with a list of places people can find Fair Trade products in town to spread the word about the Fair Trade movement and our campaign.
    Please send to:

    430 East Foster Avenue
    State College, PA, 16801

    Thank you so much!

    Daphne Weidner from State College, PA - 9 years ago
  20. Fair Trade Cal Lutheran is hosting an Alternative Gift Market where we have brownies, coffee and tea for sample as well as different vendors with fair trade products to encourage ethical purchase decisions. We have a couple smaller Fair Trade “Knowledge” tables planned, but the Market is our last big event for the year.
    Our Address is:
    Karen Schomaker
    60 W Olsen Rd #6300
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
    Thank you!!

    kmhansen from California Lutheran University - 9 years ago

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Courtney Lang, National Organizer | Fair Trade Campaigns

Courtney Lang brings over 5 years of community organizing to Fair Trade Towns USA, building both the Local Food and Fair Trade networks in Vermont. As Local Food Coordinator with City Market/Onion River Cooperative, Courtney worked with local producers, institutions and consumers to grow the local food system and organize a strategic model for community engagement through farm tours, workshops, and local food challenges. Like many in the Fair Trade industry, Courtney was inspired to take action in Fair Trade when she witnessed child-labor first hand in Costa Rica. As a founding member of Fair Trade Burlington, she has worked with economic development organizations, businesses, and consumers to build awareness of Fair Trade among Vermonters. She also worked with a Fair Trade USA licensee, Vermont Coffee Company, as Friend Ambassador where she united the story of Fair Trade to every purchase of coffee.