‘Fuel Up’ by Fair Trading Your Finals

FT Campaigns Intern November 19, 2015

Share Your Plans and get Rewarded!

Here’s your chance to get some great, free materials for that final Fair Trade Event of the year! A few generous donations have allowed us to support campaigns hosting a Fair Trade Study Break!


You can participate with three easy steps:

1) Provide a short explanation of your plans & your mailing address in the comment section

2) Register your event

3) Host your event! 

4) Post about your event on social media using #FTCampaigns


Here are some of the Fair Trade products and materials you’ll find in your kit:

Numi Tea works  to  empower tea producing communities

Numi Tea works to empower tea producing communities

* Fair Trade Coffee from Peerless Coffee & Tea… 

* Fair Trade Chocolate from Alter Eco Chocolate

* Fair Trade Tea from Numi Tea

* Informational 1-Pagers on Coffee, Tea and Chocolate from Fair Trade Campaigns.


Here’s a few ideas to help get the ball rolling…


Idea 1: Table with Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate

Give your classmates that extra boost as they head into or out of the library! Set up a table with Fair Trade Coffee (Peerless Coffee), Tea (Numi Tea) and chocolate (Alter Eco Chocolate), as well as some materials highlighting what you have accomplished this year and are looking to achieve in the next. Use this as an opportunity to get the word out about your campaign!

Idea 2: Partner with an existing event

In the lead up to Finals week numerous groups on campus will be hosting events to prepare students and staff. Gauge the landscape and offer to ‘Fair Trade’ another group’s event! Reach out to clubs, departments and your food service provider to see if you can set up, sample, and introduce Fair Trade concepts to a new audience. Follow-up afterwards and continue building the partnership!ftyf

Idea 3: Fuel up with Fair Trade!

Last year Villanova University hosted a ‘Fuel up with Fair Trade’ event. Read through this one-pager to learn how to keep track of all the details and set up your own event on campus.

Remember: post your plans in the comment section below!

If you have any questions — please contact National Organizer Kylie Nealis (knealis@fairtradeusa.org)


  1. The Fair Trade Club at SUNY Geneseo will be hosting a study break in partnership with a local café – Café Shiloh. We do this every semester leading up to finals. We will have coffee, tea, and chocolate to share with students looking for a quick and relaxing break from studying. These delicious fair trade treats will also be a great way to fuel up for studying!

    Benjamin Conard from Private: FAIR TRADE SUNY GENESEO - 9 years ago
  2. Siena Students for Fair Trade hosts events like these pretty frequently. We like to table at either the entrance at the Dining Hall or in the Student Union, sometimes even in the Library (with permission for the food/drink items & quiet zones). We play music on a wireless speaker to get attention, we have infographics / handouts, and we have club members volunteer to table (we bribe them with chocolate). If we have enough money in the budget, we like to do late night coffee/tea breaks in the highest trafficked study spots. Need more ideas, reach out to us: tm23brod@siena.edu or find Siena Students for Fair Trade on Facebook.

    Travis Brodbeck from Fair Trade Colonie - 9 years ago
  3. Rollins College will be partnering with Office of Student Affairs for a Reading Day Study Break event. We have done this for the past 5 semesters during finals week. Some students typically bake a snack that has fair trade ingredients such as Coconut Macaroons with fair trade sugar and chocolate or cookies. OSA provides coffee and donuts for students.

    We would appreciate Fair Trade ingredients for this event!

    hschleiffer - 9 years ago
  4. UCLA will be tabling at the last on campus farmer’s market of the quarter, right around finals, and we’ll be giving out free fair trade coffee. We’d love to have additional fair trade options for students!

    karina.newman9 from Fair Trade UCLA - 9 years ago
  5. LMU plans on partnering up with RA’s in freshman residence halls and putting on a few different programs like “Fuel up with Finals” . We’d love fair trade coffee an chocolate to provide the first year students during finals week!

    taylorcbrewer14 from Loyola Marymount University - 9 years ago
  6. Stanford Dining hosts a “de-stress” zone in the dining halls during finals. They focus on sustainability and nutrition and we were going to have tea and coffee and chocolate and educate students on Fair Trade and why it’s important.
    Thank you for the kit!!

    Dara Olmsted - 9 years ago
  7. UW Oshkosh is planning on having a bake sale with goods made from Fair Trade products during Finals Week in the library! Our library is also offering Fair Trade coffee ! As for the bake sale, we are unsure where the proceeds should go–programming, funding more Fair Trade products on campus, or donating it to a cooperative. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

    schila64 - 9 years ago
  8. During Green Mountain College’s semestrial Reading Day, Fair Trade warm drinks and snacks will be offered as part of studying session to both provide warm drinks during the cold month of December and offer a chance to taste the large variety of choices within fair trade products.

    Antoine Lucic from Green Mountain College - 9 years ago
  9. Fair Trade at Colby-Sawyer College will be hosting an event in its dinning hall. We will be distributing Fair Trade goods and educating students, faculty and staff about the Fair trade initiatives going on in the college. We will also be providing information on Fair Trade certified goods that are available in our book store and the things out dinning hall is using. Please provide us any feedbacks for the event.

    Prithul Jung Karki - 9 years ago
  10. St. John’s for Fair Trade (Queens, NY) has been doing something we call Fair Trade Fridays this semester (big thanks to our Campus Ministries and Catholic Relief Services chapter). Basically, on Fridays, we table with Fair Trade products and info. As we coast into finals and the holidays, we’d love to kick this table into celebration and stress relief mode by giving away some FT goodies and raising more awareness.

    Sean Murray from Fair Trade St. John’s University - 9 years ago
  11. The Office of Community Life and our student organization Students for HOPE which focuses on human trafficking prevention and education at Eastern Nazarene College will be hosting a study break in one of our lounges during final exams. We will have fair trade coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and snacks and distribute educational materials for purchasing fair trade Christmas gifts.

    Keri Lewis from Eastern Nazarene College - 9 years ago
  12. FT Hartwick is having a “Fair Trade Snacks and Naps” session before finals week, where students can relax with fair trade tea and chocolate while doing yoga or mediating.

    mettyt from Fair Trade Hartwick College - 9 years ago
  13. The UCSD Econauts will partner with a common study place to hand out fair trade coffee and chocolate to those entering or leaving the study space. We are connecting with the library and dining halls for the best place to hand out fair trade items. We hope to spark interest in fair trade by helping our students study with fair trade goodies.

    Sierra Donaldson from Fair Trade University of California, San Diego - 9 years ago
  14. We are planning to table for Fair Trade chocolate on December 8th in our Dining Hall. We will have a chocolate tasting, allowing students to try different flavors available at a local fair trade store on our campus. We will also be giving away some small chocolate to all who stop by. We hope to engage students to talk about Fair Trade and why it is important, as well as offer some support for the upcoming finals week!

  15. University of San Diego S4FT will be chillin’ outside the library with some caffeine and sweets! Excited to share FT refreshments and information with students and talk to them about the importance of Fair Trade before they do their last minute holiday shopping.

    rplofchan - 9 years ago
  16. Carroll College will set up a table with numerous resources about Fair Trade during the week before finals. We have done this in the past and students have been asking to sample Fair Trade chocolate. This will be the perfect opportunity for them to do so while learning what Fair Trade is. We will raffle off the coffee and tea to someone who visited out table that day.

    mvert from Fair Trade Carroll College - 9 years ago
  17. Fair Trade University at Colorado State University will be hosting a table in one of the residence halls to keep first year students caffeinated and focused for finals week. We’ll have a table of giveaways as well as some brochures and information on Fair Trade. We also might be collaborating with academic support initiatives and mindfulness groups at our school to keep students de-stressed. Since this will be the first round of final exams for first year students, we thought it would be a good idea to give them some support while also educating them on Fair Trade.

    Connor Schimdt from Fair Trade Colorado State University - 9 years ago
  18. Fair Trade at Saint Ambrose University plans to collaborate with the college’s student activities for the “Finals Group Study” event on campus. We will be setting up a table providing FairTrade coffee, chocolate, and tea to the students who attend the event. The event will be three hours long and it will be a great opportunity for students to study and learn more about FairTrade as well.

    An Gie Leong - 9 years ago
  19. Fair Trade at UMass Boston holds a tabling event in which we raise awareness and educate about Fair Trade as well as recruit new members to our organization. The event kit will definitely be an eye catching item on our tables as well as help us educate students about where fair trade products are from and where they can get these fair trade certified items!

    julia.tran001 from Fair Trade UMass Boston - 9 years ago
  20. Adrian College Fair Trade will once more hold a Fair Trade Coffee break in cooperation with the Office of Academic Services. We will offer fair trade drinks, snacks, and information in the Office of Academic services during finals week. Please send the packet to

    dfield from Private: Adrian College - 9 years ago
  21. PLNU’s just trade club will host a “Finally Fair Trade” study break around finals. This will be a way to draw in students from all classes interested in Just Trade. It will be a space where people can stop in to study, grab a snack, and learn about ethically traded products at the same time. Thank you for this opportunity.
    -Point Loma Nazarene University Fair Trade Club

    Ceschalin - 9 years ago
  22. Butler University will partner with the SGA to host a “Stress Less Fair Trade” event just before finals. As we work towards completing our Fair Trade certification, we will host a tabling event in our Starbucks to highlight our current work, and to promote the Fair Trade items we have on campus.

    mjprocto - 9 years ago
  23. The Fair Trade committee at Hostos Community College will partner with the SGA to source fair Trade study break. This will be the first Fair Trade event at Hostos where Fair Trade is sourced.

    Tori Curbelo from CUNY – Hostos Community College - 9 years ago
  24. The Fair Trade Committee at North Park University will be hosting an event in one of the resident halls for students to have the opportunity to chat, study and enjoy Fair Trade products/ learn more about NPU’S Fair Trade efforts! This is the first official Fair Trade event at North Park.

    Jorie Dybcio from North Park University - 9 years ago
  25. Media Elementary School in Media, PA partnered with our local theatre for an EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE!
    About 200 attendees, kids and their families!
    We served Fair Trade Hot Cocoa and collected the forms for our Equal Exchange fundraiser, which was a great success!!
    Here all details!!

    Media Elementary School Night at the Media Theatre!
    Jack Frost Saves Christmas

    The Media Theatre is putting on an exclusive show for MES families!

    Come hang out with your friends, enjoy FREE FAIR TRADE hot cocoa and cookies
    and a private showing of Jack Frost Saves Christmas.
    Tuesday, December 8th
    6:30-7pm Fair Trade Cocoa and Cookies
    7-8pm See Jack Frost

    The rollicking, merry, and heartfelt musical is all
    about a boy who is unique because everything he
    touches turns to ice. With Book and Lyrics by Matt
    Wallace and Tina Jo Wallace and Music by Scott
    Bradley (former Media Theatre’s music director)
    Jack Frost Saves Christmas is a fun holiday show for
    everyone ages 4 and up.

    Tickets: $15.00
    Proceeds to MES PTG!

  26. Recently, those of us who currently are participating in Seton Hill University’s Fair Trade Campaign were able to bring more attention to it at a writing competition event. Various writing intensive classes showcased examples of their writing and explained the topic their class had covered in more detail to those who attended, as well as to answer any questions on the topic.

    Our class, Writing in Public Relations, has been working on the subject of Fair Trade. In addition to our writing samples on fair trade, our table was filled with a variety of Fair Trade items of all sorts, and we were lucky enough to be able to give out samples of Fair Trade chocolates. Perhaps the most important item, though, was a sheet for people to sign pledging to buy Fair Trade.

    During the event, my fellow students and I were able interact with the various people who visited our table. The responses were varied and showed different levels of interest and knowledge, but nearly all of those who came by our table learned something new about fair trade. Some students were already aware of Fair Trade and immediately signed the pledge, but they also stayed to ask us specifics about what we wanted to do and how much we were aware of. I enjoyed most the conversation I had with a professor because she gave reasons against making Seton Hill a Fair Trade Campus, most of which had to do with cost. That said, I believe she left the table open to the idea of introducing Fair Trade items to campus to a limited extent.

    I was either crocheting or spinning yarn the entire time I sat there, which I think caught the attention of some, as they would come up to me directly and ask me what I was doing. I was able to explain that while I am a student at Seton Hill, I also have a Fair Trade store, small as it is, online. I could then use that fact to make certain they understood that those who use Fair Trade are not just farmers, and the ones who are involved in crafts do not just live in far away countries. Another student would then step in and explain more about Fair Trade in general.

    During the time I represented my class at the event, I saw at least ten people sign the pledge. Many more people walked away with knowledge they had not known before talking with us. I saw, essentially, that we had made an impact and that, for some people, started the process of change.

    k.rose - 9 years ago

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