Share the Love: Valentine’s Day 2017

Fair Trade Campaigns January 4, 2017

On February 14, many of us take time to show a little extra love to the special people in our lives. This year, we invite you to share the love with the farmers and artisans behind your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts.

Choose Fair Trade flowers, chocolate, and artisan goods (find discounts from our partners below!) or send a Valentine directly to Fair Trade farmers and artisans. Read on for three easy ways to show your support and share the love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Send Valentines to Farmers and Artisans

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send a note of personal thanks and gratitude to Fair Trade farmers and artisans? Well now you can! We are partnering with three Fair Trade companies – Divine Chocolate, Mayan Hands, and One World Flowers – to send Valentines to producers in Ecuador, Ghana, and Guatemala.

Valentine's Day 1

How does it work? Send an individual Valentine, or collect messages from family, friends, colleagues, or classmates. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Print out our Valentine Template (Click Here). Or make your own custom Valentines!
  2. Table or Host an Event. Plan an event, work with a group in your community already hosting one, or set up a table in a high traffic area. Print and share the tabling resources linked below!
  3. Collect Valentines. Ask folks to stop by and write down a message of support or thanks.
  4. Send them back to us by February 28. We will then forward them on to the cooperatives and farms listed below.

Mail your Valentines to:
Suzi Hiza | Fair Trade Campaigns | 1500 Broadway, Suite 400 | Oakland, CA 94612

We’re collecting Valentines in English and Spanish.
This is a great activity for a Spanish class at your school!

2. Choose Fair Trade Gifts

Whether you’re sending your Valentine a bunch of roses, or hosting a holiday fundraiser in your community, we’ve partnered with three amazing Fair Trade businesses to help you choose fair this Valentine’s Day.

valentines-day-2017-producer-photo-collage-2Divine Chocolate

The Farmers: Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Cooperative (Ghana)
The Deal: 10% off any online order placed by March 31
Discount Code: FAIR17
Tabling Resource: Click Here

Mayan Hands

The Artisans: Mayan Hands artisan groups (Guatemala)
The Deal: 14% off any retail order placed by March 1
Discount Code: FTC14
Tabling Resource: Click Here

One World Flowers

The Farmers: Inversiones Ponte Tresa (Ecuador)
The Deal: 15% off any order placed by January 31
Discount Code: FTC15OFF
Tabling Resource: Click Here

Many thanks to Divine Chocolate, Mayan Hands, and One World Flowers for their support and commitment to Fair Trade!

3. Send a Virtual Valentine

Show your support for farmers and artisans by sharing the love on social. Click on the images below to download and share on your social channels.

Don’t forget to tag #FTCampaigns so we can see what you’re sharing!

sm-i-stand-with-farmers-cocoasm-share-the-love-flowers sm-i-support-artisans-mayan-hands







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  1. Wonderful campaign! Just sent the ones from the Fair Trade table at Shut Out Trafficking from St. John’s University.

    Tori Curbelo - 7 years ago

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