Fair Spring Programming

Kenya Reeves February 8, 2021

The Fair Trade Campaigns Fair Fall programming was a hit with campaigners and advocates alike! Did you miss out on the fun of Fair Fall? Don’t fret! We’ve condensed each of the months themes and resources in our blog post entitled, “Fielding Fair Fall.” Check it out here!

With the success of Fair Fall, we decided to continue the monthly themes and resources through Fair Spring. During February, March, April, and May 2021 we will shine light on topics that Fair Traders advocate for through their work. It is also our goal to include more resources and more interactive content to help propel your campaigns and advocacy to new heights.

The Monthly Themes will be…

February:New Year, Next Steps

Just graduated and wondering what your next step is? Want to start up a town campaign? Need help managing organizer turnover? We’ll answer all these questions and more this month with help from some Fair Trade campaigners who found success even amidst the pandemic!


March:Fair Trade & Farm Worker Awareness

Fair Trade prides itself on empowering and cultivating an institution of strong policies to ensure worker, producer, and artisan well-being. A special guest collab this month will showcase these policies and ways we can improve the systemic issues plaguing some of our world’s most vulnerable individuals.


April:Earth Month Renewability

Just as this last year has affected us, it has also affected our planet. In honor of Earth Day in April we will navigate how to re-build and re-new our sustainable habits. Join us as we ask the question, “how have our actions in quarantine affected our planet and where do we go from here?” and explore how Fair Trade connects to sustainability, environmental and climate justice.


May:Connecting with Community

The pandemic has helped shed light on the importance of real human connection. That’s why in May, we will focus on the advantages of connecting with your community through partnerships with local organizations, small businesses, and cross campaign collaboration. We will also provide resources on how to begin these conversations and create long lasting relationships.


Stay tuned for more details to come each month via social media and our monthly newsletter! Not signed up for the newsletter? Click here to get updates in your inbox. You can also send an email to admin@fairtradecampaigns.org to join us on Slack.

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