Academic Year in Review: 2017-18

Fair Trade Campaigns June 12, 2018

At the end of the 2017-18 academic year, we’re celebrating incredible growth in our work – driven by the Fair Trade campus advocates who are redefining grassroots advocacy.

Our Fair Trade family tree is flourishing!

At the end of the 2016-17 academic year, Fair Trade Campaigns recognized 44 declared Fair Trade Colleges & Universities and 30 declared Fair Trade Schools. Today, at the end of the 2017-18 academic year, there are:

  • 52 Declared Colleges & Universities 
  • 35 Declared Schools 
  • 115 Active College & University campaigns
  • 41 Active School campaigns

By the Numbers

1,220: Number of Fair Trade College, University and School organizers advocating for Fair Trade on their campuses

58: Percent of Fair Trade Colleges & Universities that participated in Fair Trade Finals this Spring

76: Percent of Fair Trade Schools that partnered with other groups and initiatives on their campuses

37: Number of academic courses at Fair Trade Colleges, Universities and Schools that incorporated Fair Trade in the past year

83: Percent of Fair Trade Schools that hosted at least 2-3 events over the past year

35: Number of new Fair Trade College & University campaigns started

12: Number of new Fair Trade School campaigns started


Eight college and university campuses earned Fair Trade status during the 2017-18 Academic Year:

Along with five K-12 schools:

Noteworthy Accomplishments

Shoutouts to the colleges, universities, and schools that made Fair Trade Campaigns history this year!

New Resources

Check out these new resources designed to support your campaign:

Establishing Campaign Permanency 101

Learning From Leaders in Fair Trade

5 Tips for Funding Your Campaign

How to Host an Ethical Pop-Up Market

Campus Advocacy for Long Term Impact

Best Practices for Fair Trade Advocacy on Large Campuses

Classroom Resources for Fair Trade Schools

Media Highlights 

We’re not the only ones noticing all the hard work our campaigners are putting in!

2018 National Conference

38 campuses from across the country were represented at our National Conference in March – and 17 campuses supported student attendance as Campus Partners. Campaigners attended focused workshops, forums, and lecture sessions while networking and bonding over a shared commitment to Fair Trade. Catch up on highlights from the 2018 National Conference and videos from all the main stage sessions.

“Attending the conference was the opportunity of a lifetime! Not only did it introduce me to a concept that I was completely unaware of before, I also met a ton of intelligent and driven individuals who inspired me to start my own campaign here at the University of California, Santa Cruz! The conference truly changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about Fair Trade in a fun and engaging way.”
– Saajia, University of California Santa Cruz

“It was amazing to hear from so many people who are working towards creating a more ethical world and be able to have chances to talk to people from my area who could think of ways to improve on the initiatives I had started. It provided an important reminder about the necessity of collaboration in Fair Trade work.”
– Elaine, Point Loma Nazarene University

“There is nothing more energizing than working with a group of such passionate people on a cause that is good for both people and the environment.”
– Sierra, Arizona State University

2017-18 was a great year for Fair Trade Colleges & Universities and Fair Trade Schools. We look forward to continued progress and more Fair Trade Campaigns history-making during the next school year!

Want to join us? Find out what it takes to designate your campus:

Share your favorite Fair Trade moment from the past year in the comments below!

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